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                                                                      Community Change:

 Is a progressive community organizing group active in the United States.[2] It was founded in 1968 in response to civil rights concerns of the 1960s and to honor Robert F. Kennedy. 

Their Mission Statement:

"To build the power and capacity of low-income people, especially low-income people of color, to change their communities and public policies for the better."[

The link below will take you to five inspirational  stories of organizers in the past 50 years who have been involved with Community Change

5 Organizers in 5 Decades - Community Change is a national organization that builds the power of low-income people, especially people of color, to fight for a society where everyone can thrive.

Community Change generally works in low-income areas, especially within communities of color, and attempts to create resident-based groups to work on local issues of concern. The organization sponsors internships and training programs in several areas, including community organizingservice learningunion organizing, electoral engagement, and youth/student organizing.[6] The organization provides resources for grassroots groups including campaign strategy, funding and social media strategy. In 2004, through the collaboration with immigrant groups,

Community Change organized the Fair Immigration Reform Movement that "empowered immigrants to speak out".[7] 

Community Change has helped to create government programs like the Community Reinvestment Act and the food stamps program.[8]

The organization seeks to create workplace environments that value family, to guarantee minimum wage, "unlock opportunities in the poorest communities, and increase income taxes for the wealthy.[9]

The Center for Community Change launched the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), an immigration reform movement working for comprehensive immigration reform. 





Today at Kiva we celebrate YOU!

Your commitment to KIVA’s mission is a cause for celebration


First donation made on August 22, 2017 which means we have been doing this for 1808 days or 59.44 months or 4.95 years.

Our original investment  Amount to open account  -  $ 1580.21

Averages by month and year:

Donation to support the  Kiva  organization  is $26.25 total or 0.44 per month or  $ 5.29 annually.

We have donated a total of $6500.00 in loans or $109.35 monthly or $1312.22 annually.

We have been paid back a total of $5431.57. Monthly it is $91.37 and $1096.53 annually.

We have a total loss of $199.30. (that is 3 % default rate) Monthly it is $3.35 and $40.23 annually.

Some comparisons to consider:  Current Student Loan default rate is 15% .  Current default rate on First Mortgages in US is 36%


The KIVA loan team (Thank you Jackie, Sharon, Charlie) loaned a total of $ 300.00 to five people from five different countries. Their pictures and stories are told here.  The Team is scheduled to meet again in October. We are starting with a balance of $57.00, they are hoping our repayments will allow us to loan another $ 300.00 or more the next time we meet in October.

Daniel Ernesto's story  Daniel is single and from El Salvador and has no children. He lives with his mother, who is economically dependent on him. He doesn't have relatives living overseas.                                                                       Daniel's business is making and selling hammocks. Both he and his mother are involved in their production. They work from 7am to 4pm. Daniel says that he learned his trade with help from his mother, and he established his business 10 years ago.He is requesting this loan to obtain the economic resources needed to expand the inventory of his jarcia [the craft of weaving agave fibre] business. The investment will consist of purchasing silk and polyester thread for the production of hammocks, and also to pay for labour. He hopes that by injecting working capital into his business, hammock production will grow as will his income
Val Marie's story   Val Marie is 28 years old and a single woman from the Philliphines. She and her family live a simple dwelling in Baybay, Leyte. To earn an income, she runs a hog-fattening business. She has been in this business for many years. She has requested the amount of PHP 40,000 through KIVA’s field partner CEVI, (A Microfinance NGO) in the Philippines. She will use this loan to buy hogs and feed. Val Marie dreams to expand her business in the future and become productive.

Benendetta's story.  Meet Benendetta, a 45-year-old mom pictured above. She is a farmer from the remote village of Wote, which is situated in the Eastern province of Kenya. The living conditions in this area are tough because there is no clean water or electrical connections.  In the Kitale area of Kenya where Benendetta is from, most people depend on agriculture to earn a living. Their biggest challenge is a huge deficit in access to agricultural inputs, which means that farmers' yields and incomes are far below what they could be.

Safaa's story.  Safaa is 41, married and lives in Egypt. with two sons and a daughter. Her husband is a worker with a low income. She and her husband cultivate a small piece of rented agricultural land with parsley planting. She asks for a loan to buy seeds, fertilizers, and some agricultural supplies.
She wants to expand the project and sell to traders in her village. She seeks to improve the family’s living conditions. She and her husband work really hard and are also ambitious to have a small car to make movement easy from one place to another for selling.

Smar's story  Smar, who appears in the photo, is a wonderful hardworking woman who tries her utmost to make her family live a decent life. She is a 46-year-old, living with her family in Jericho, West Bank.
She works in sewing embroideries and makes some gifts of chocolate and candy to sell to customers upon request, in order to meet her family's needs.
She wants to improve her business and she has requested a loan to buy materials, tools, and other needed supplies for her work. This will increase her production and enhance her income.

Sunday, August 7, 2022



Spiritual Direction (or Spiritual Companionship) is the practice of being with people who wish for a deeper spirituality and personal relationship with God.

The Adult Spirituality Team is extending an invitation to anyone interested in exploring this valuable process.  St. Charles of Brazil is fortunate to have two Spiritual Directors who are members of our community, they are experienced and possess a high level of expertise in this special and unique ministry.  Both Mother Monica Kennedy and Alice Jo Weaver would welcome the opportunity to accompany you on your journey. 


Contact either of them with any questions or concerns:  Mother Monica Kennedy (443-895-6322)  Alice Jo Weaver (443-848-7439)



Announcing the Retirement of Bishop Ron Stephens

Bishop Ron Stephens has announced his retirement effective immediately.

Bishop Ron has led the Diocese of Holy Trinity for the past several years.  He also served as Presiding Bishop of CACINA several years ago.

We thank God for Bishop Ron's service and leadership in the church, and we will continue to count on Bishop Ron's calm, pastoral presence and wisdom as a retired bishop in CACINA.

We also continue our prayers for Bishop Ron as he continues to struggle with some major heart problems that continue to threaten his life.

God bless you, and thank you Bishop Ron for giving so much of yourself for the greater good of Christ's Church

Combining of San Damiano Diocese with Holy Trinity Diocese


With the retirement of Bishops Santore and Stephens, the College of Bishops has directed that the Diocese of San Damiano be combined with the Diocese of Holy Trinity.  Bishop Michael Theogene will serve as Diocesan Bishop and Bishop Monica Kennedy will continue to serve as Auxiliary Bishop of Diocese of Holy Trinity and all parishes and missions of Diocese of San Damiano will become parishes and missions of Diocese of Holy Trinity.Our national church web site will be updated to reflect these changes in the near future.
Thank you for your patience and support as the newly elected take on their positions and the logistics of realignment are put in place.

Announcing CACINA'S  New Presiding Bishop

The CACINA College of Bishops gives thanks to Bishop Anthony Santore for his many years of service in the role of Presiding Bishop.  Bishop Santore announced his plan to retire last month and the College of Bishops has elected Bishop Michael Theogene as the CACINA's next Presiding Bishop.
If you need to reach the Presiding Bishop, you may contact Bishop Theogene at 646-226-2322 or
 “Listen with the ear of your heart”
          St. Benedict

My dear sisters and brothers in Christ it is with deep humility that I amsharing with you that the College of Bishops has elected me to be the next Presiding Bishop of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America. This is a great responsibility and I hope that I may truly be a faithful servant to our God and to our people. CACINA is a family, and this family is a team, and I cannot do it alone but together by the grace of God we will be guided by the Holy Spirit, witnessing the unconditional love of God for all people   As your shepherd I intend to follow Jesus’ example of courage,openness, risk, dedication, trust, and sacrifice going forward into the future as a community, drawing others to CACINA spreading the Good News of love and inclusiveness. My dream is to continue the quality and stability we have had over the years. This stability will give us all we need to work toward growth and positive change. I ask for your prayers and guidance as we embark this challenge together on challenge together  +Michael

Announcing CACINA'S  New Chancellor

With the election of Bishop Michael Theogene as CACINA's new Presiding Bishop, the position of Chancellor was opened.

The College of Bishops elected Father Michael Ellis to the position of Chancellor.

Father Ellis said, "I am honored, and, with God's help and that of my CACINA family, will do my best to serve the needs of our faith community."

If you have any business to address with the Chancellor, you may reach Father Ellis at 802-556-1629 or

Join Us for Lectio Divina Via Zoom


During these challenging times it is more important than ever to maintain and strengthen our relationships with one another, within our communities, and with our God.

Lectio Divina will now be offered via ZOOM from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. each Monday evening.

Lectio Divina means "holy reading" and is a prayerful study of Scripture in the Christian tradition dating from the medieval era. All are welcomed as we reflect, meditate, be receptive and respond to God’s word through each Sunday's Gospel. 

The process is simple. 
  • The Gospel for the following Sunday is read three times. 
  • The first time it is read we listen for a word or phrase that seems to speak directly to us. After a brief period of silence we have an opportunity to share that particular word or phrase that spoke to our heart with those present. (Sharing is always optional).  
  • The second time we hear the Gospel we listen and reflect on what God may be saying to us through our particular word or phrase. After another short period of silent reflection, anyone who chooses is encouraged to share his/her thoughts. 
  • The third time we hear and listen to the Gospel reading we consider how God may be calling each of us to act through our word or phrase. After a final period of silent reflection, all who choose can share his/her reflections. 
 It is not necessary to attend every week. You are welcome to attend as often as you can but I encourage you to try at least once to decide whether this type of prayer is for you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Blessings to all!! St. Charles of Brazil Adult Spirituality Team


We have recently updated our Parish Directory.  Below is the link that will allow you to open and view the Directory


Saturday, August 6, 2022



Tickets are now on sale for HOPE For All's 2nd Annual Bowling for HOPE event that takes place on Sept. 30. Last year we had several church group teams come out for a night of fun, and we hope you'll be able to join us this year.

It's an all-inclusive event with food, drinks, snacks, and dessert, as well as bowling prizes. In addition, we'll have raffles, a 50-50, and our online auction, with all of the prizes on display at Greenway Bowl. It's a big event for us, and will go a long way in supporting our work in the community.

Here's the link for bowling tickets:

People can also go to our website