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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Sunday Live Stream for October 18th, 2020


In the modern, rather individualistic world in which we live, [even during global pandemic], there is a temptation to believe that what we have, we have earned. My possessions are mine, a result of my own hard work or that of others, such as family. But today’s gospel is a good reminder that all we have is from God. As such, we should not and cannot be hoarders of God’s good gifts. Even money itself should not be thought of as ours.

Jesus calls us to an entirely new way of thinking [as COVID-19 has called us to new ways of being community]. We return to be fed at the table of his word and at the table of his Eucharist so often in part because we need to be reminded of this way of thinking when we are so immersed in the world with its ways.
Any resources we have are truly not our own. Even what we acquired through our own labor and efforts cannot be taken with us when we pass on from this life. Let us die to the notion of possessions – what is mine versus yours – and let us instead engage in a lifestyle of discipleship, which shares what we have with the least among us. In that way we will be living the paschal mystery. – Living Liturgy

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Monday, October 12, 2020

Expressions of Gratitude - Presented by Faith Communities of Baltimore With Pride

You are invited to participate in an interfaith event celebrating the gift of gratitude during this time of crisis. It is sponsored by the Faith Communities of Baltimore With Pride, of which your congregation is a part. 

As a special exercise within this program, there will be a meditation slide show showcasing artwork that symbolizes or gives witness to the experience of gratitude.  

Anyone who would like to submit something newly or previously created for this part of the program, an image of the piece should be submitted by October 23rd.

For questions and artwork submissions, please email
Hope you can join in gratitude on Thursday, October 29th!

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Starting Now! Baskets of Love

The Baskets of Love initiative is now underway!

Baskets of Hope is a Hope for All initiative to help families transitioning from the street to housing by providing additional supplemental items to help families prepare for success. Baskets of Hope does this by supplying household essentials that are not covered by other support programs like WIC or food stamps. This helps families settle more comfortably into their new homes and allows them to focus their resources on other essential needs.

There will be 2 opportunities for the contributors at large us to drop off their baskets or basket items.
Easiest for SCB members will be to bring baskets and/or items right to our church building on ANY Sunday.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Hope For All Fundraiser Bubbas 33 in Glen Burnie is sponsoring a fundraiser for Hope For All on Tuesday October 13th Carry Out and Dine In. Open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 10 % of the amount of your check will go to Hope For All. Give flyer to server when receiving check. To get flyer go to their website :

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Charitable Donations made by St. Charles Of Brazil in 2020

We want to thank the team of people who worked so creatively to identify three organizations to receive a cash donation from our Parish Community. Beyond identifying these three organizations, the team developed a criteria that will be used for future donations. The three groups and a brief description of their mission are listed below: 
MERA KITCHEN COLLECTIVE: A Baltimore-based collective of chefs from around the world, sharing our cuisine through catering, pop-ups and community events, to foster empowerment and celebrate culture. We believe that promoting equitable access to opportunities, building community, and providing living wages are the keys to long-term self-determination, independence, and happiness. To learn more go to: They received $ 750.00 
DRINK AT THE WELL: Offers community, opportunity, and encourages responsibility. Our flagship program is COR Life Mentorship through which The Well provides a committed mentor and resources for women interested in making intentional efforts to make life’s challenges into possibilities for her future. In addition, we provide clothing and educational workshops for the community and offer a women’s Life Group, known as The Women of Hope, which meets regularly at The Well. To learn more go to: They received $ 750.00 
DRU MONDAWMIN: We believe every family has the potential to thrive, no matter their resources. Our holistic program is designed to improve birth outcomes, promote self-sufficiency, and empower caregivers with young children to foster optimal childhood development. DRUM targets families in neighborhoods with a high risk of poor birth outcomes and school readiness. These include families with pregnant women or children under age 5. Families are accepted into the program after a systematic review process that analyzes environmental factors and health situations. To learn more go to: They received $ 500.00

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Sunday Livestream for October 11th, 2020

    In a story filled with such violence as we have today, it might be easy to forget we are dealing with a merciful God! God calls a people to himself and desires that they come to him. The destruction of the city of Jerusalem with its temple was interpreted at the time by Christians as God’s judgment on Judah. A violent world saw stories of violence. Though we may wish to minimize the violence, unfortunately it has been part of human history from the beginning and continues to this day.

    It might be difficult [and uncomforting] to strip away the violent imagery and focus instead on the kernel underneath it all. Matthew’s church has the wisdom and experience of decades since the death and resurrection of Jesus. It has learned that there are some in the church who do not belong, as indicated in several parables. Sadly, our modern experience reflects this too. Simply being in the church does not make one holy, God’s chosen, or a paragon of virtue. There are weeds within the wheat. The sobering reminder that “many are invited but few are chosen” should cause us to pause, reflect, and reexamine our lives. [And take action to change.] - Living Liturgy

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You can also join the Zoom Meeting by entering the URL below into you browser.

Meeting ID: 879 4662 7908